Here at Woodcote golf we focus in on the S.B.I. method of teaching. S.B.I. stands for "Setup, Backswing, Impact" the three key principles in the golf swing.

We believe that the three key principles in the golf swing are the most important factors to focus on within the swing. We believe that by focusing on these three areas and making them correct will develop you into a better player. With this main focus you will learn to understand your own swing which will in turn make you a better player.

Through S.B.I. we will show you videos of your own swing, compare and contrast it with the top players in the world as well as other amateurs, showing you how these factors are used by them and how they can be incorporated into your own game to make you the best player you can be.

We have four fully qualified PGA professionals in our team who are dedicated to improving your game. Our team is based at Woodcote Park golf club in Coulsdon, Surrey.

Basic Packages:

ProfessionalSBI Assesment (15 mins)Half Hour LessonFour Half Hour Sessions
Wraith Grant£20£30£100
Michael O'Brien£20£25£80
Ben St. John£20£25£80

Special Packages:

ProfessionalShort Game Package (3x30 mins)3 Hole Course Management Session5 Hole Playing Lesson
Wraith Grant£85£60£85
Michael O'Brien£70£50£70
Ben St John£70£50£70

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